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The project, led by Professor Reza Razavi and Professor Jo Hajnal encompasses a multi-disciplinary team of software engineers, robotics experts, imaging specialists, computing specialists and clinicians. The Award has been granted to Kings College London, along with colleagues at St Thomas’ Hospital, Imperial College London, the University of Firenze (Florence, Italy), the Hospital for Sick Children (Toronto, Canada) and Philips Healthcare.

We will use state of the art techniques in ultrasound, MRI, robotics and computing to create a multi-probe system for automated ultrasound imaging.

Clinical Team

Guy's and St Thomas' Hospital

Professor Reza Razavi (Lead)
Expert in Paediatric Cardiovascular Science
Academic Website

Professor Mary Rutherford
Expert in Fetal Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Academic Website
Dr David Lloyd
Clinical Research Fellow
Jacqueline Matthew BSc(hons), MSc
Research Radiographer
Ms Emily Skelton
Research Sonographer

Ms Milou Van Poppel
Clinical Research Fellow
Dr Thomas Day
Clinical Research Fellow

Stefanie Chan
Recruitment Coordinator

Evelina Children's Hospital

Dr John Simpson
Expert in Paediatric and Fetal Cardiology
Academic Website
Clinical Website

King's College London

MRI Team

King's College London

Professor Joseph Hajnal (Lead)
Expert in Fetal Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Academic Website
Tom Roberts
MRI Physicist

Hospital for Sick Children (Toronto, Canada)

Dr Christopher MacGowan
Expert in fetal MRI Research
Dr Aneta Chmielewski
Cardiac MRI Researcher

Image Computing Team

King's College London

Professor Julia Schnabel
Professor of Computational Imaging – Project lead at King's

Dr Alberto Gomez
Research Fellow, Image Computing

Dr. Veronika Zimmer
Research Fellow

Imperial College London

Professor Daniel Rueckert
Expert in Visual Information Processing
Dr Bernhard Kainz

Dr. Liu Tianrui
Research Associate

Ultrasound Team

King’s College London

Professor Jo Hajnal
Chair of Imaging Science

Dr Laura Peralta-Pereira
Research Fellow, MIMO acquisition

University of Firenze (Florence)

Professor Piero Tortoli
Expert in Elecronics – Project lead at Florence
Dr Alessandro Dallai
Electronics Researcher

Dr Alessandro Ramalli
Electronics Researcher

Philips Healthcare, USA

Dr Aleksandra Popovic
Department Head - Ultrasound Imaging and Interventions


King's College London

Professor Kawal Rhode
Expert in Biomedical Engineering – Project lead at King's

Dr Richard James Housden
Automated Robotics Systems Researcher

Research Steering Group

Professor Reza Razavi
Professor of Paediatric Cardiovascular Science, King’s College London

Professor Jo Hajnal
Professor of Imaging Sciences, King’s College London

Professor Dave Hawkes
Director of the Centre for Medical Image Computing

Dr Philip Jordan
Innovations Associate, Wellcome Trust
Dr Kate Reading
Portfolio Manager, EPSRC

Dr Carola-Bibiane Schoenlieb
Reader in Applied and Computational Analysis

Dr Silvia Giampieri
Project Manager

Professor Basky Thilaganathan
Director of Fetal Medicine Unit, St. George's Hospital
Professor Richard Bibb
Professor of Medical Applications of Design, Loughborough University

Management Team

Dr. Silvia Giampieri
iFIND Project Manager/Clinical Research Manager
King’s College London

Dorota Nosarzewski
Project Administrator